To provide a world-class and sustainable caring solution through
technology innovation and implementation of excellence.

Tyson Bioresearch Inc. is one of the most prestigious, innovative, and customer-oriented healthcare product providers in Taiwan. We design and manufacture high quality Blood Glucose Monitoring System (BGMS) and other medical grade devices.

We offer both OEM and ODM services which cater according to our clients’ specific needs.  We are compliant with all required medical ISO and GMP quality system standards with our products certified by FDA, CE, and other worldwide regulatory authorities.

Our strength resides in having our own manufacturing facilities allowing us to have 100% control over production, quality, and cost; which translates into impeccable values for our customers.


Manufacturing plant established in HsinChu Science Based Industrial Park, HsinChu, Taiwan.Raised capital to $ 4.5 millions

Received ISO 9001, EN 46001, and ISO 13485 certification and approval. Raised capital to $ 9.0 millions.

GMP certified.
Received Ministry of Health issued HIV One Step Rapid Test Exportation License (No.000112) (No.000114).

Research program granted by SIPA, NSC.Obtained Manufacturing License from Ministry of Health on HIV One Step Rapid Test (No.000118)(No.000119).

Manufacturing plant expansion.

(1) Outstanding Company,
(2) Outstanding Leadership,
(3) Outstanding Product award

US patent 6,793,802B2 granted.
Received Innovative Product Recommendation Certificate from Ministry of Economics.
HIV One Step Rapid Test receives People’s Republic of China SDA approval (No. CS20040001).

GMP auditing approval on EZ Smart lactometer.
HIV One Step Rapid Test requested by Kaohsiung City Government Tender Received Taiwan Patent (M268579) on “Biosensor Test Strip”GMP auditing approval on HIV, HCV One Step Rapid Test, EZ Smart Test Strip and control solution.
EZ Smart Glucose product winning Trukey tender.

Disposal lancet receives Ministry of Health issued Medical
Device Certificate (No.000144)
In compliance to new medical guidance, Hepatitis C (HCV) receives Ministry of Health newly issued Medical Device
Certificate (No.002003); old Certificate (No.000118 void)I

Taiwan patent #I279222
Ultimate EZ Smart Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System receives FDA approval (510K# K052818/A005)

IPO approval granted from Securities & Futures Bureau
TysonBio Link Health Management System (EZ Smart, TysonBio, and TysonBio+ model series) receive FDA approval (510K# K081726)

Company listed on Taiwan Emerging Stock Exchange
EZ Take Lancing Device receives Class I Ministry of Health issued Medical Device Certificate (No.000620)
Screen printing facility integration

OEM products available at Sam’s Club in the US

FDA establishment inspection

Turkish Standards Institute establishment inspection.
Newest GDH-FAD veterinary blood glucose monitoring system launched into the global market.
New patents in coding and sensing technology approved by USA and EU.

USD 10,000,000 capital increase for future development in product, global marketing, and research & design.
Tyson Bio HT100, our first GDH-FAD blood glucose monitoring system certified by CE.
TP100 Continuous Clinical Thermometer wins Red Dot Award for Product Design.
FDA 2nd establishment inspection.